Event Code: cqilagjv

World: Agora Gallery

Description: The University City Science Center partnered with the Department of Decision and Systems Science at St. Joe’s University to launch a blockchain collaboration between Philadelphia artists and high school students. Artists attended a workshop series explaining how to mint their own NFTs and explore the world of non-fungible tokens in the art world. Each artist was then partnered with a team of high school students, who minted an NFT of their artwork and used this process as a data set to investigate. As a result, students created visualizations from that data and presented their findings at the First Annual High School Analytics and Data Visualization Competition. This virtual exhibition, held in Agora World, will showcase the NFT artwork created through this collaboration, as well as highlight the visualizations by the top three student groups in the competition. The opening reception event will take place on Thursday, May 12th, in a hybrid setting at a Venture Café Thursday Gathering and Agora World. Visitors will be able to visit the virtual gallery through the end of May

Connecting Through the Metaverse: An NFT Art Exhibition

Event Host: Angela McQuillan

Recommended Occupancy: 20 users

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Connecting Through the Metaverse: An NFT Art Exhibition Link: https://agora.agoravr.world/event?roomCode=cqilagjv

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